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The podcast kicks off with Lino talking about his trip to Minnesota celebrating his Moms 80th birthday. And Lino's old neighbor. Then, it's time to win a Catholic Award. After that, Fr Jim talks about blessing his new painting. And the podcast wraps up with What's on Tyler's Mind (home) and What's Behind Fr Jim's Dumb Glasses (he didn't overthink it)!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino's mom calling in so he can wish her a happy birthday! After that, the guys talk the conversion of St Paul...wherever that happened. Then, comedy legend Tom Leopold stops by to play "God's Honest Truth". And the podcast wraps up with Lino apologizing!

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The podcast kicks off with comedian Sebastian Maniscalco talking about his Netflix special, selling out Madison Square Garden, and being Italian. Then, Pete Holmes, star of HBO's Crashing, stops by for one of the most entertaining appearances in the show's history. After that, Fr Jim Chern talks Freddy the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, does Homily On The Spot, and screws up the Creed!

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The inaugural podcast of 2019 kicks off with Lino spending Christmas in Bethlehem (yes, that Bethlehem). Then, the guys play a hilarious round of Take A Chance. After that, Lino's rap alter ego (Lazy Leen) makes an appearance. And the podcast wraps up with the always insane Catholic Family Feud! 

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Join Lino, Fr Jim, Mark, and Tyler as they celebrate Christmas. Who will give the best present? Who will win Christmas Password? Sing along with Have Yourself A Nasty Little Christmas, Volume 2, and more! 

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Catholic Guy listeners love to sing along to "My name is Tyler...I live on the second floor..." So join Lino and Fr Jim as they venture to the second floor of Tyler's parents home and do an entire broadcast from the Muppet's Bedroom! 

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The podcast kicks off by Lino celebrating 12 years of The Catholic Guy Show by taking calls and reminiscing. Then, Fr Jim shares his favorite new Christmas commercial. After that, Lino checks in with Owen, who Lino is sponsoring for Confirmation. And the podcast wraps up by opening the Advent Calendar!  

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The podcast kicks off with Fr Jim talking Thanksgiving...and mispronouncing a few Italian words...before doing Whats On Tyler's Mind and What's Behind Fr Jim's Dumb Glasses. After that, its a first (and last?) Mustache Show. Then, it's time for another Old Tyme Catholic Radio Drama. And the podcast wraps up with one of the greatest pieces of hate mail the show has ever received!

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The podcast kicks off with Jen Fulwiler mocking Lino for not being a slacks owner; Lino responds. Then, Lino and Jill become like children and watch the movie Christopher Robin. After that, Tyler puts together a Movie Minute based on Lino's review. And the podcast wraps up with Fr. Jim, Lino, and Tyler honoring Canadians in a very special way.

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The podcast kicks off by talking Halloween...and a special (non-priesty) Tales from the Rectory. Then, the boys take it down a notch and present "Traditional (Boring) Catholic Radio." After that, Mark Wahlberg makes his second appearance on the show. And the podcast wraps up with court in session: Judge Rulli! 

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