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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim giving spiritual guidance to Phil, the deacon-in-training. After that, Lino tells a story about a little proposal. Then, Tyler tests Lino and Mark with interpretive Bible stories. And the podcast wraps up with What Does An Atheist Know?!

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The podcast kicks off with a listener-generated segment: Catholic Bitterness! After that, the guys play the always popular game, "Bible, Fortune Cookie, or Mark Hart?" Then, Lino talks about some recent mistakes. And the podcast wraps up with a trip to the dermatologist!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino telling stories about his time with Cardinal Dolan in Beirut, Lebanon. After that, Lino takes over the Vatican Hotline complaints for a day. Then, Fr Jim stops by...wishing he could say "Told You So" to Lino. And the podcast wraps up with our 2018 Catholic Guy Draft!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino in Rome...and Lino explaining to Mark Hart that Peter is buried at St Peter's. Then, Jen Fulwiler stops by to play Over/Under and talk Vatican sadness. After that, Lino finds a way to prove God's existence...through Vatican security protocol. Does Fr Jim Chern buy the theory? Find out! 

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Mark Hart talking CatholicGuyCon and Tyler's theory on the Resurrection: Wrong tomb. Then, it's a very special "Whats On Tyler's Mind" that you won't forget. After that, Fr Jim Chern gives us an update on his new dog. And the podcast wraps up with Jen Fulwiler talking Easter...and playing This or That!

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Its Faith and Fun in the Holy Land when Lino, Tyler, and a group of Catholic Guy listeners are on pilgrimage! The podcast kicks off with Tyler's first impressions. Then, Lino meets Mario Lopez in Capernaum. After that, the guys call Fr Jim (at home), visit the Mount of Beatitudes, and more. And the podcast wraps up by asking...will Tyler convert?

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The podcast kicks off with Lino promoting his friend Roma Downey's new book. Which turns into Lino creating the Catholic Guy Bump. Then, the guys do some "Traditional" Catholic Radio. After that, Mark offers some "Catholic" brain teasers. And Jennifer Fulwiler stops by to do Interpretive Bible Stories! 

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The podcast kicks off by Tyler surprising Fr Jim and showing up at Mass...which leads to the first ever Catholic Family Feud. Speaking of feuding: after that, Tyler has a question about fighting. Then, Tom Leopold calls in to give us his Lenten update. And the podcast wraps up with Holier Than Thou!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino, Mark, and Tyler talking about their Lenten penance of cold showers. Which derails into a conversation about leather. Then, court is in session with Judge Rulli. After that, Fr Jim joins to discuss the crew's new crests...with a special appearance by the word "regularly". And the podcast wraps up with a round of Bible, Fortune Cookie, or Mark Hart!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino in Arizona! And a surprise visit to the Grand Canyon? After that, Mark and Lino do a tribute to Benedict XVI...or cats. You decide. Then, its time for another Old Tyme Catholic Radio Drama. And the podcast wraps up talking Lent...with more cats! 

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