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In this weeks podcast, Lino declares an end to online dating. His book "Sinner" is released to the public...before he gets a copy... Fr. Rob interviews the new author. And Mark Hart, "The Bible Geek" stops by to talk bull. Literally.

The Catholic Guy Show podcast: Live (to tape) from Madrid, Spain: Lino Rulli, Fr. Rob Keighron, and Brett Siddell broadcast from the Palacio de Deportes.

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The Catholic Guy Show podcast: Live (to tape) from Madrid, Spain: Lino Rulli, Fr. Rob Keighron, and Brett Siddell broadcast from the Palacio de Deportes.

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On this weeks podcast, the crew takes calls for minor confessions with Fr. Rob Keighron in studio.  Also, the crew, along with Father Jim Chern, take a listen to the World Youth Day theme song and compare it to the top 5 songs on the Billboard charts. 

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On this week's podcast, Lino sees an attractive girl at Sunday Mass - who also happened to be the lector - and Fr. Rob seeks to give him his best muppet voice.  Also, Lino announces what his prayer intention has been for the last month: That Father Rob will be joining the show full time.  

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On this weeks podcast, Lino realizes that the ice machine at work is full of germs. President Obama tells a joke and nobody laughs. Father Rob talks about parasailing with Jesus. Mark Hart - The Bible Geek - joins the crew to talk hell. 

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On this weeks podcast, Lino's personal dating coach Anthony Buono stops by the show to discuss Lino's dating life. Later, Lino's Mom joins the crew by phone and plays a game with the listeners. To the delight of the audience... and to Lino's annoyance...

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On this week's podcast, Lino shares stories from his trip to Ireland.  Father Rob Keighron joins the crew in studio...

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TCGS Podcast #54: Lino's Alaskan Encounters

This week's podcast is dedicated entirely to Lino's week in Wasilla, Alaska celebrating his friend Goob's wedding. Lino talks about why he grew facial hair "to fit in" in Alaska, explains how he avoided the typical bachelor party stripper conundrum, shares what he said during his best man toast and waxes philosophical on why Alaska might not be the freak state after all. Plus, a tale about an Alaskan Archbishop and a 160 lb halibut.

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TCGS Podcast #53: Lino wears "mandals", Fr Rob runs hot, and Chris Licht

Lino kicks off the podcast by talking about his beautiful feet and why he feels it is completely appropriate to wear sandals in a professional environment. Plus, he shares what happened when he typed "Jesus sandals" into google. Then Fr Rob runs hot about his beloved baseball team, The San Francisco Giants. He reacts to the nasty homeplate collision that left Giants' catcher Buster Posey injured and explains why he thinks Scott Cousins might not deserve forgiveness. Finally, Chris Licht, former producer of MSNBC's Morning Joe and current vice president of programming at CBS News, talks to Lino about his book "What I Learned When I Almost Died."

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