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Lino gets back from his African safari and is stunned that Fr. Rob did not pray for him while he was away. Also, Lino and Fr. Rob analyze Jefferson Bethke's YouTube video sensation "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus."

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The Catholic Guy Podcast #79: Actor/producer Mark Wahlberg stops by the studio to talk about his Catholic faith and his new film Contraband. Also, a day after the People's Choice Awards, Lino hosts the Catholic People's Choice Awards where callers nominate their favorite male saint, female saint and best martyrdom. And, lastly, with news of legendary dessert snack company, Hostess, filing for bankruptcy, Fr. Rob unveils his plan to get them back on their feet.

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The Catholic Guy Podcast #78: Father Rob, who recently lost 50 lbs. due to dedicated dieting, is tempted by his vice, Chicken McNuggets, when new producer Scott walks in with a bag full of McDonald's. Archbishop of New York, and our boss, Timothy Dolan calls in the day the Vatican announced he was a cardinal and tells us what his current title is. Also, Fr. Rob and Lino discuss with the listeners about the entrapments of a bogged-down prayer life and different ways you can trim down that list.

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The Catholic Guy Podcast #77: Lino goes to confession the night before the night before Christmas...and bumps into a listener in line. Speaking of listeners, Lino and Fr Rob finally get around to playing voicemails of 2011. Clearly, not everyone loves the show. And when it comes to love, everyone loves Lino's wacky family when they get together for Christmas time. Lino recaps the wacky Rulli family's Christmas cheer.

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The Catholic Guy Show Podcast #76: In this week's podcast, Father Rob and Lino find out what the other got them for Christmas. Lino's General Audience has both a pope impression and the Smiths. And, for those who love old fashioned Catholic Radio, they present Boring Catholic Radio.

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The Catholic Guy Podcast #75: Live from Washington, DC...

Is Lino fat? Fr Rob says yes. Lino's mom appears in the Advent Calendar. And a real life politician! Congressman Sean Duffy stops by the show.

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The Catholic Guy Show Podcast- The Best of The Week...Courtesy of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  On this episode, Lino and Father Rob play a new game where people call and try and guess what Father Rob is humming.  Lino and Father Rob discuss the Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi's song "Wanted Dead or Alive"...and Father Rob's uncontrollable and crazy laugh.

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The Catholic Guy Show Podcast- The Best of The Week...Courtesy of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  On this episode, Father Rob wakes up to find that his car was broken into overnight.  Lino attends a Mass where the priest was sick and wiping his nose...and didn't wash his hands before giving out communion.  A brand new segment, Homily On The Spot, is sure to make you laugh.  Enjoy the podcast!

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The Catholic Guy Show Podcast...The best of the week, courtesy of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.  On this podcast, Al Roker stops by the Catholic Guy Show to discuss his new project, "Coast Guard Alaska".  Lino's Mom calls the show to discuss the Legion of Decency; the Catholic film rating system that was in place when she was a kid.  Enjoy the podcast! 

The Catholic Guy Show Podcast #71 - The Best of Italy Pilgrimage 2011 PART 3.  Courtesy of SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

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