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The podcast kicks off with Lino telling a story about going to the doctor. And somehow leads to the announcement of CatholicGuyCon 2018! Catholic Guy fans gathering for a convention? Then, the guys talk Easter Tree ornaments. And the podcast wraps up with Lino meeting one of his idols...David Letterman! 

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The podcast kicks off with the first show of 2018! Lino's back, Tyler's back...and thats it. Lino tells stories of the ridiculous Rulli Christmas Eve - complete with talking animals. Then, they call Fr he can explain why he didn't come to work. And the podcast wraps up with Brilliant Brackets: Best Character in the Bible to be!

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Join Lino, Fr Jim, Mark, and Tyler as they celebrate Christmas together! Tyler reads a Christmas poem, Fr Jim does homily on the spot, Mark gives gifts...and Lino gives a great big present: He reveals the real IQ Results. Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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Lino, Fr Dave Dwyer and Brett Siddell bring Catholic Channel listeners on a pilgrimage to Mexico! The podcast kicks off by walking the city and going inside Morgan Freeman's Mind. Once the pilgrims arrive, the guys visit Our Lady of Guadalupe (of course), talk Blessed Miguel Pro over beers, do a live audience show, eat tortas, and return to Our Lady once again...this time on their knees! 

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To celebrate 11 years of The Catholic Guy Show, Lino, Fr Jim, Mark and Tyler look back on the early days of the show. Including demo shows never before heard! And clips from Lino's very first show: December 4, 2006. Here's to another 11 (or so) years!

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The podcast kicks off with Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater: Adam and Eve. With a special guest star...Lino's wife, Jill! Then, its the 4th Annual Big Fat Italian Catholic Thanksgiving! Join Lino, Mark, Fr Jim, Tyler, Fr Dave, Brett and Jill as they celebrate another crazy Thanksgiving together. 

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The podcast kicks off by bringing Tyler to his first confession. Kind of. Then, Mark and Lino decide what's overrated and underrated with Over/Under. After that, Fr Jim, Lino, and Tyler play an always entertaining round of Scathegories. And the podcast wraps up with a guy asking Lino to be his spiritual guide!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim asking Tyler about his ringtone...and his thoughts on hell. Then, the guys talk about Vatican cigarettes? After that, Lino and Mark Hart talk Y2K and Lino finds out he's been quoting Homer Simpson. And the podcast wraps up with Bible, Fortune Cookie, or Mark Hart!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino explaining why he doesn't dress up for Halloween...and that life is scary enough. After that, the guys do a Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater: at the pearly gates. Then, they play a round of Holier Than Thou. And the podcast wraps up with our new sponsor...Tyler-ol!

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The podcast kicks off in musician Matt Maher's home studio. The guys play "Stump the Canadian" and "Catholic Password" as well as have Matt play a song from his new album! Then, Lino flies to Minnesota to celebrate his 46th birthday. Lino's Mom has a special Hickety Pickety and reveals what his name would have been if it wasn't Lino! 

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