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The podcast kicks off with an issue Fr Jim Chern has: putting down the toilet seat. Then, Harry Connick Jr stops by the show to talk faith and TV! After that, Mark Hart does a song parody: Muppet Man. And the podcast wraps up with another attempt at Don't Be Greedy: Part II!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim Chern talking the Minnesota State Fair and Salvation on a Stick! Then, Lino remembers Jay Thomas and the great Lone Ranger story. After that, the guys try playing a new game: Don't Be Greedy. Which goes horribly wrong. And the podcast wraps up with Hallie Lord, Lino, and...demons?

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Mark Hart presenting Traditional (Boring) Catholic Radio! Then, its time for Catholic Guy Masterpiece Theater: Calf Your Enthusiasm. After that, Lino and Fr Jim Chern talk discipline: Lino's pants. And the podcast wraps up doing Homily on the Spot along with Whats on Tyler's Mind!

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The podcast kicks off with the results of the "Write Lino's Obituary" contest! Which is much funnier than it sounds. After that, Tyler asks about secret stories. Then, Lino describes his nemesis on a recent run-walk around Central Park. And the podcast wraps up with Lino visiting his wife's family farm...and tries to ride a tractor?

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The podcast kicks off with Lino in his home state of Minnesota reminiscing about 1 of its 10,000 lakes. Then, Mark and Lino talk skydiving...and take a call from TJ which hijacks the show. After that, it's Lino's Mom! Talking about pretty much everything on earth. And the podcast wraps up with Tyler and Lino doing a special "Whats Up With That?"!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim Chern discussing Lino now being a "Cafeteria Vegan". Then, they do one story for Whats Up With That? After that, they play a hilarious new game: Bible-Fortune Cookie-or Mark Hart. Speaking of Mark, we have a new sponsor: Go Low. And the podcast wraps up with Lino and Mark finding out Who's More Catholic!

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The podcast kicks off with Lino deciding to become a vegan. Lets see how long that lasts. Then, Fr Jim Chern and his feet get the black sock treatment. After that, Mark Hart and Lino play "If I Were God". And the podcast wraps up with Lino calling his mom!

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Lino is back from Portugal with lots of stories: from St Anthony to Foo Fighters! Then, in honor of the All-Star Game, Lino and Mark list their All-Star Saints. After that, its a Tales from the Rectory with a very anonymous priest. And the podcast wraps up with Fr Jim Chern not wearing shoes...and Lino having issues with that.

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Lino and Fr Dave Dwyer of The Busted Halo Show walk in the footsteps of St Paul on pilgrimage! From Corinth to Athens, Ephesus to Santorini. They then go to Rome...visiting St John Lateran, St Peter's Basilica, Tre Fontane. And the pilgrimage Lino's favorite restaurant!

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The podcast kicks off with Mark Hart and Lino in Arizona...praying technical difficulties don't get in the way. Then Lino talks about his high school glory days - and letterman's jacket. After that, Fr Jim Chern and Lino try out a new Vatican website. Then, we have a new sponsor: Tyler Veghte's English As A First Language! And the podcast wraps up with Lino's cemetery? 

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