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In this episode we give 'awards' out for breaks, then here an interesting story about Lino's dad, and finally Lino, Lou, and Maureen talk with Fr. Rob about St. Blaise.  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159XM117 (The Catholic Channel). 

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TCGS Podcast #37:  In this episode Lino and Lou discuss having Justin Bieber on the show, then Lino, Lou, and Maureen revisit New Years resolutions a couple weeks in.  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117 (The Catholic Channel)

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In this episode Lou takes some flack for being out, and then Lino gets into a very ... Open ... discussion.  In part three we hear from Fr. Rob about how redheads are just a little different than the rest of us!  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117 (The Catholic Channel)

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In this episode, we hear an interesting story about Lino being nude, then some predictions for 2011, and finally the Airing of Grievances!  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117 (The Catholic Channel).



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