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The Catholic Guy Show podcast. Courtesy of Sirius/XM 129

The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim's dueling newsletters. Then, they do another entertaining "Whats Up With That?". After that, the guys do a special Mystery Science Homily: Fr Jim hearing a Fr Jim homily. And the podcast wraps up with Jen Fulwiler premiering "Whats On Jen's Mind" as well as a Radio Drama!

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Lino, Fr Dave, and Brett are on pilgrimage in Northern Italy! The podcast kicks off in Bologna - and an odd start to the trip. Then, they hop on the bus to Parma for some witty banter with pilgrims. After that, the guys visit St Anthony of Padova's tomb. And the podcast wraps up at St Mark's another Catholic radio first: a broadcast from a gondola!

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Updated! The podcast kicks off with Lino's run-walks, Fr Jim's Dumb Glasses, and Tyler's Mind. Then, the guys go from Inside Catholic Baseball to "Jesus, Take The Wheel." After that, its a round of Catholic Family Feud. And the podcast wraps up with a familiar voice for Tales from the Rectory!

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