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The Catholic Guy Show podcast. Courtesy of Sirius/XM 129

The podcast kicks off with Jen Fulwiler mocking Lino for not being a slacks owner; Lino responds. Then, Lino and Jill become like children and watch the movie Christopher Robin. After that, Tyler puts together a Movie Minute based on Lino's review. And the podcast wraps up with Fr. Jim, Lino, and Tyler honoring Canadians in a very special way.

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The podcast kicks off by talking Halloween...and a special (non-priesty) Tales from the Rectory. Then, the boys take it down a notch and present "Traditional (Boring) Catholic Radio." After that, Mark Wahlberg makes his second appearance on the show. And the podcast wraps up with court in session: Judge Rulli! 

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It's Lino's birthday! Kinda. The podcast kicks off from the Rulli Compound in MN - while Fr Jim and Tyler are trapped together in the NYC studios. They aren't more ways than one. Then, they do Whats On Tylers Mind and What's Behind Fr Jim's Dumb Glasses. After that, they "call" Lino's Mom (upstairs) for a very special birthday edition of Hickety Pickety!

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