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The Catholic Guy Show podcast. Courtesy of Sirius/XM 129

The podcast kicks off by recapping CatholicGuyCon2 - and Lino getting cut off. Then, the guys celebrate Shiny Jesus (aka The Transfiguration). After that, the Atheist Parable Review recaps 10 Virgins. And the podcast wraps up with Jen Fulwiler stopping by and talking Spiritual Dysmorphia! 

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Friday night of CatholicGuyCon2 was Lino and Tyler in front of a live audience for Con attendees. From a patriotic opening, to What's On Tyler's Mind, to Hickety Pickety, enjoy this exclusive hour of Pure Catholic Pleasure!

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The podcast kicks off with the guys talking about a church in England - that plays golf. Then, Mark and Lino compete in picking the right saint for Intercess This. After that, Tyler shares what's on his "mind". And the podcast wraps up by Lino, his wife, and mom visiting St. Boston!

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The podcast kicks off by talking about Jill's garden, and what that has to do with the rosary. After that, Tyler asks about Lino's Mt Everest. Then, the guys do an Old Tyme Catholic Radio Drama: Elisha and Elijah. And the podcast wraps up with Tyler's Mind, Mark's Heart, and Lino Really Said Something! 

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The podcast kicks off with Lino and Mark getting Tyler's reactions of the Sistine Chapel - and Lino getting kicked out. Then, the guys play a round of Bitterness Barometer. After that, the guys break down To Kill A Mockingbird. And the podcast wraps up with another "Bears Are Fast" appearance on TV! 

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