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The Catholic Guy Show podcast. Courtesy of Sirius/XM 129

The podcast kicks off by Lino being asked to be the "Voice of God" at Jen Fulwiler's comedy show. Then, Lino and Tyler are in Baltimore with Fr Leo Patalinghug. After that, Lino explains how that "Voice of God" thing went. And the podcast wraps up with Lino's visit to Budapest!

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The podcast kicks off with an Old Tyme Catholic Radio Drama: Oops, I Hit It Again. Then, the guys root for villains; kinda. After that, Lino and Mark play Song of Songs. And the podcast wraps up with Lino's Mom calling in with another Hickety Pickety! 

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The podcast kicks off by talking Ric Ocasek and "Strict Catholics". Then, Lino recaps a weekend in Denver - with football, golf, and part of a Mass. After that, they play Don't Be Greedy with some great callers. And Lino's jealousy makes a priest laugh in confession! 

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The podcast kicks off with Lino wanting to wear his Vikings football Mass. Then, the guys play a round of Catholic Family Feud. After that, they talk about the worst bombings in public. And the podcast wraps up with the Goo Goo Dolls stopping by!

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