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The podcast kicks off with Lino having heartburn, which eventually leads to the Advent Calendar: which gives everyone heartburn. Then, court is in session with Judge Rulli. After that, a local news story about Christmas from Fake America. And the podcast wraps up by picking saints for Intercess This!

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The podcast kicks off with the guys talking about their wacky Thanksgivings. After that, Tyler does his Atheist Parable Review of The Great Feast. Then, they celebrate the 13th anniversary of the show. And the podcast wraps up by putting the "family" in Catholic Guy Family Feud...when it's Lino vs Jill!

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It's that time of year again...Time for the Big Fat Italian Catholic Thanksgiving Show: Join Lino, Jill, Tyler, Mark, Fr Dave, Brett, Jen, Tom, and Lino's Mom as they celebrate another Thanksgiving together!

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The podcast kicks off with a local news story about a missing Jesus Statue - or is it? After that, Lino and Mark find out Who's More Catholic. Then, comedy writing legend Tom Leopold stops by to talk about...everything. And the podcast wraps up with callers asking Tom questions (though we don't know why)!

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