The Catholic Guy Show's Podcast
The Catholic Guy Show podcast. Courtesy of Sirius/XM 129

The podcast kicks off with Jen Fulwiler stopping by to play a horrendous round of Pious Playlist. After that, Lino answers 50 #nastylisteners questions in 20 minutes. Then, the guys report on the State of the Catholic Guy. And the podcast wraps up with another ridiculous game of Catholic Guy Family Feud! 

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The podcast kicks off with Take It Or Leave It: where Tyler pitches Lino new ideas for the Church. After that, the guys talk self parking cars and why Lino isn't a risk taker. Then, they give advice to a kid for their 1st Reconciliation. And the podcast wraps up with what to binge watch (or not)!

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The podcast kicks off with Tyler asking what Lino's strengths are. Which means, yes, he has a strength. After that, Mark challenges the guys in a round of Cath Math. Then, they each say what they'd do if They Were God. And the podcast wraps up with Lino recapping his Mom's birthday - and a summons! 

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