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The podcast kicks off in quarantine on St Patrick's Day: First, with Overshadowed Saints. Then, with the God's Honest Truth about St Patrick. After that, in honor of St Joseph, the guys play a Famous Joseph's Quiz. And the podcast wraps up by answering your questions with 50 in 20!

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The podcast kicks off with comedy writing legend Tom Leopold stopping by for all sorts of lunacy! Then, Tom and Lino compete in a Game For The Ages. After that, it's Lenten Penance - including Lenten Calls. And the podcast wraps up with Lino explaining, It's Not Easy Being "Leen"!

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The podcast kicks off with the first full day of Lent...and Drive Thru Ashes. After that, Lino tells you whats overrated and underrated in Lent - and Life. Then, Tyler premieres a new song parody: no meat tonight? And the podcast wraps up with the Atheist Parable Review! 

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The podcast kicks off with Lino complaining about priest friends - and how they always ask how his prayer life is going. Then, the guys praise the not very popular, St Conrad. After that, they break down the horrible theology when having a Beer with Jesus. And the podcast wraps up with a game of Popes vs Presidents!

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