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TCGS Podcast #47:  Fr. Rob Television, Mass Changes, & Lady Gaga?!
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TCGS Podcast #44:  There Be Dragons!
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TCGS Podcast #43:  Moravian Day Parades, Ireland, & Nude Dreams!
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In this episode Lino, Lou & Maureen talking street with Fr. Jim, then try and find a Twitter hashtag for Lino with Fr. Rob and then listen to Lou and Maureen try and make some Catholic connections!  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117 (The Catholic Channel).  

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This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117.  

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In this epidsode we experience the world of Sin City through the eyes of Lino, Lou, Maureen, and Fr. Rob.  This podcast courtesy of Sirius159/XM117 (The Catholic Channel).  

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