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The podcast kicks off with Lino in Arizona! And a surprise visit to the Grand Canyon? After that, Mark and Lino do a tribute to Benedict XVI...or cats. You decide. Then, its time for another Old Tyme Catholic Radio Drama. And the podcast wraps up talking Lent...with more cats! 

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The podcast kicks off with Fr Jim and Lino learning that it's not flu season! Because "Jesus is our flu shot"? After that, Lino is spiritual guide for a deacon-to-be. Then, the guys play Mark Hart Video Roulette...and Lino's heard this story before. The podcast wraps up with Mark and Lino playing Holier Than Thou! 

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The podcast kicks off with Lino in Minnesota broadcasting from the Rulli compound. Which means Lino's Mom is on the show...with the ever popular hickety pickety. After that, the guys do Catholic Guy Math. And the podcast wraps up with Tyler's Mind and Mark's Hart!

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